Seniors who do not exercise have a high risk of contracting pneumonia. For those confined to bed or in a wheelchair, we want to offer a safe and affordable option for cardiovascular exercise.

Let's get our seniors moving.




BedBike only weighs 11 pounds.


Flattens to 5 inches.

BedBike: portable arm ergometer in storage position


Easy to move. Sets up in seconds.


Built to last with medical-grade anodized aluminum.

BedBike adjustable leg

Fits nearly everyone.

Adjust height and width to fit comfortably over each user’s lap.

BedBike ergonomic pedals

Ergonomic pedals.

Offers a more comfortable shoulder position. Kind to arthritic hands. 

BedBike outcome measures

Track your progress.

Graduated resistance system and detachable timer.


Designed by a physiotherapist.

BedBike has been introduced to 30+ facilities.

Helping loved ones live healthier.

Safe, independent exercise. Pneumonia prevention.