BedBike has been great for us. When our patients really can’t do anything, they actually really enjoy doing the bicycle. They build confidence and endurance.
— Naoko, physiotherapist at Royal Columbian Hospital
...Easy to use, easy to transport, and will allow us to help recondition patients with limited mobility... this will not only help with improved quality of life for our patients, but it will help get them home sooner. Thank you.
— Krista, Physiotherapy Clinical Practice Leader at Surrey Memorial Hospital
BedBike definitely helped my mother, and she enjoyed using it. After she started using it her arms were stronger and was able to wheel herself out of the room. Thank you.
— Arosha, daughter of first BedBike customer
We have had several patients that have been able to make use of BedBike so far, and we look forward to using it with many more!
— Karen, Rehabilitation Assistant at Mission Memorial Hospital
We have a handful of elders that really enjoy the bike. We look forward to putting our BedBike to good use within our existing treatment plans. Thank you!
— Danielle, physiotherapist in Surrey, Canada
BedBike is great! It allows for the residents who are more immobile to participate in an exercise program. It adds another fun and creative route to get residents who may otherwise not have the opportunity to exercise. I appreciate that we can port it around easily and that it comes to the resident, especially when the resident spends most of their time in bed.
— Anna Maria, physiotherapist in Abbotsford, Canada
Great piece of equipment for any elderly family members with mobility issues.
— Jonathan, physiotherapist in Vancouver, Canada
If you’re looking to get your chair/bed-bound loved ones or patients more active, this is a great way to get them moving.
— Teryn, physiotherapist in Gymea, Australia
I’m so impressed with this product. An innovative design and concept. It makes exercise accessible. I’ve recommended BedBike to a number of clients, and everyone seems to love it. I think its success comes from how it makes exercise comfortable and easy to perform.
— Brad, multidisciplinary clinic owner in Victoria, Canada


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